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Face & Body Centre

Lakevue Cosmetic Waiting Rm.JPG
     The Face & Body Centre's Separate Cosmetic Waiting Room

We, at Lakevue Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and The Face & Body Centre, want our patients to be able to have a reasonable amount of privacy when they come to their appointments, whether for the initial consultation or for their postoperative visits when they may be bandaged, bruised, woozy on pain medication, or simply not feeling up to speaking with other people in the waiting room.  For this reason, we have 2 separate waiting rooms.  Cosmetic patients are welcome to sit where they like, but are welcome in the Face & Body Centre waiting room, in addition to patients that have come to see Christy, our medical aesthetician.  We have also recently converted one of our offices into a lidocaine lounge.  When we use topical lidocaine to numb the skin for laser skin tightening on the face or neck or a full brazilian laser treatment, it takes an hour for the numbing medication to take full effect.  So our patients don't have to sit in the waiting room, we have changed the office next to the aesthetic room into a comfortable lounge with complimentary coffee, water and soft drinks.

Our Services   

Our Face and Body Centre offers a relaxing environment with results targeted treatments. We offer a variety of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and Yag laser treatments for skin tightening, spider veins and hair removal.
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Our Aesthetic Treatment Room

Spider Vein Treatment:
We offer one of the best treatments for spider veins.  Don't bother with sclerotherapy (injections).  Try our Yag Laser and you will be much more satisfied with the results.  Plus, it is quick and virtually painless.

Laser Hair Removal:
Now is the perfect time to begin laser hair removal treatments.  Treat yourself! They are fairly inexpensive and fairly painless, as well.  It does take several treatments, so if you begin now, you will be all set by the time summer is here again. 

Yag Laser Skin Tightening:
Come give our Yag Laser skin tightening a try.  While it isn't permanent, it can tighten up some of that facial sagging that happens before you need a facelift.  If you are getting married and can't quite fit in your dress, the Yag Laser skin tightening could make the difference.

While you are in our office, please don't forget about your skin!  We have many products that improve both the texture and color of your skin.  Unlike the department store, the products we sell have to actually work.  So, stop throwing your money away at the cosmetic counter and come talk to Dr. Jones or Christy, our medical aesthetician, about how we can improve your skin.  Plus, our fabulous line of skin antioxidants and sunscreens will help to prevent further sun damage...remember, sun damage is cumulative over a lifetime, so please get on a preventive skin maintenance plan today (and wear a hat with a brim!)  Lakevue Plastic Surgery offers Obagi medical skincare & SkinCeuticals.  We are also actively sampling other skincare products to make sure we are offering the best (both in terms of performance & price).

Our Lidocaine Lounge for patients needing topical numbing: